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Welcome to the Oxylisious Non-Clinical Medical Ozone Therapy Course in Association with the Wound Care Association of South Africa and St John’s. This course has been written to teach you the basics on Ozone Therapy, guide you through the health and wellness journey and truly enable you to experience the healing properties of Ozone Therapy.

A Non-Clinical Medical certification will be awarded after completion of this course. Non-Clinical Medical Certification will be awarded to a professional wellness coach who has completed the CPR Course through St John’s and understands when to treat a client and know when to refer to a doctor, working within the scope of their practice.

A wellness coach who is an expert in Ozone therapy will know that they can’t diagnose, claim to cure or prescribe medicine (unless you are a doctor.) You can treat, do therapy weight loss, sleep therapy, insufflation, steam sauna treatment and so much more.

Our Ozone Course is R10500 which also includes CPR certificate.

If you dedicate an hour a day, you will be able to complete the Ozone Course within 6 weeks. Course to be completed within 6 months.

The Ozone Course is done online on our website. Once you have paid and registered, you will have your own username and password to access the course.

Why Choose Us?

Pure Holistic Health and Healing​

This practice does not do any diagnosis and does not treat any disease.

All that is being done is to stimulate the body’s inherent ability of self-healing by helping the body to rid itself of toxins and to flood the body with life-giving oxygen which supports and nourishes it towards optimal healing and health.

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Results do not lie.

We are sharing some amazing wound healing testimonials.

Warning* images are graphic and show to extent at which wounds can progress too.

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Your Guide to Ozone Therapy Basics

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